45s I

Another Cape Cod Summer (This Year)/American Kids (Still Wanna Rock)
Cat#: AA-004
Year: 1982
Price: $5.
Roll over, Patti Page! " 'Another Cape Cod Summer' has the light, carefree bounce of a good day's beach party, complete with a cooler full of stylistic chops from old Annette-loves-Frankie movies." (Goldmine) A tune Brian Wilson surely would have penned had he grown up eating Waleeco candy bars and Boston baked beans. B/w a "now" song for "today's youth" with "American" consciousness. Note: A-side sung by Billy West, the voice of Ren and Stimpy-honest!

Crawfish with a Vengeance/The Roach Under The Pillow
Cat#: AA-011
Year: 1984
Price: $3.50
A wild rootsy raver featuring some heavy kazoo playing that sounds like Professor Longhair meets the Standells uptown. One of the mainstays in the jukebox at the Rat. Flip reminds us that "The Blues" are still a viable art form. No sleeve

No Regrets/Pure Beat
Cat#: AA-013
Year: 1984
Price: $3.50
Two great productions from Boston's #1 harmonica man. "No Regrets" is a super-catchy R 'n' B number with great Stevie Wonder-ish chromatic harp work. "Pure Beat" has just been nominated for a Grammy for the most intense song ever recorded. No sleeve.

Part of the Game/No More
Cat#: AA-014
Year: 1985
Price: $3.50
One of the original post-Beatleish New Wave bands with a slew of great recordings dating back to '76. This most swan song release includes from the melodic uptempo rocker "Part of the Game" to the super snotty "No More." A must for fans of Rickenbacker guitars, vocal harmonies, real handclaps and (!) cheezy sitar playing. You'd swear that's the Brighton Pier on the picture sleeve.

Burning Candles/In Your Car
Cat#: AA-017
Year: 1986
Price: $3.50
Two more glimpses into the paradoxical world of Boston's Godfather of Punk. "Burning Candles" is a punchy rocker with spirited solos and zany lyrics. "In Your Car" is a sparsely orchestrated high-tech ballad showcasing Willie's romantic vocal against a lush cello counterpoint and oozing sax line. A must for Loco fans!

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