Nearly Out of Print Titles

Tell White Lies
Cat#: AA-002
Year: 1981
Price: $20.
8 sound experiments combined to make the most inaccessible record to date. Ultra high fidelity 8-inch 33 1/3 flexidisc attached to an excessive anti-racist folder.

Concentration, Talk Talk, Let's Go To The Moon, MDMDM, What Should We Do,Martians Have Landed, Seedy Blooze, Let's Go To The Ice Cream Parlor

Go To Russia/Go To Hell
Cat#: AA-003
Year: 1981
Price: $15.
"Back in the USSR" (recent Lindgren/Lennon/McCartney collaboration) b/w "Go to Hell" (a happy dirge ending on an unhappy note -- unless you consider blowing up the Earth a happy thing to do that samples Dr. Strangelove). A Hypno-Tech 7-inch 45 rpm disc complete with a politically ambiguous sleeve. "Psychedelic feel, distancing synthesization, Eastern-influences, haunting tone, lush texture . . . and it grows on you." - Jim Sullivan / Boston Globe

Quiet Desperation
Cat#: AA-005
Year: 1982
Price: $15.
Extremely musical and sociological 4-song 7-inch EP with a graphically cryptic sleeve. An unorthodox marriage of "GB" and "Punk" aesthetics resulting in some mutant offspring. " . . . one foot in '60s acoustic pop, one in '80s electronics; the lyrics recall the Bonzo Dog Band at their best . . . a low-key snicker and, as such, a delight!" (Trouser Press) Meticulously produced by head honcho Space Negro Erik Lindgren. "Musique Noir" for the desperate.

Take Me To The Asylum, You Or Your Clone,SU. JU., An Hour Past Midnight

Alive Again At Andover
Cat#: AA-007
Year: 1983
Price: $20.
Their first album, cut in 1967, is currently going for upwards of $2000. This new recording captured the group live at their 15th prep school reunion. Absolutely authentic in sound and spirit. A prerequisite for those with mid-Sixties punk/psychedelic timewarp sensibilities. Get it before all the collectors do. First edition numbered an in very limited quantity. Includes non-CD cut!

Slow Down, I'm Crying, Signed D.C., I'm Coming Home, A Message To Pretty, Midnight Hour, My Little Red Book,Catch The Wind/Singer Not The Song, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, Time Won't Let Me/Respectable, Baby Please Don't Go

Arf Arf Contemporary Music Sampler
Cat#: AA-009
Year: 1984
Price: $20.
Perhaps the most eclectic and challenging record of its kind. A concept album revealing 14 interesting collaborations between the King of Arf Arf (humbly yours, Erik Lindgren) and reams of talented Boston (and beyond) musicians. Includes new, unforgettable tracks by Willie Loco Alexander, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, the 2x4s, Bob "Suade Cowboy" Suber, The Pink Negros, And Many Many More by the Original Artists. Not to mention the intriguing musical filigree in between the tracks. An imperative artifact for those inquisitive enough. Not many left.

Three Torches: Cherry Pie, Richard Hunter: Put The Lever Down, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic: Sombre Reptiles, Poetry And Motion: Diversions, David Boyer: Raindrop, Original Artists: And Many Many More, The Fugitives: Gimmie Some Lovin',The 2 X 4s: Midnight Hour, Willie Loco Alexander: That Was The Thing, Magic Mose And His Royal Rockers Featuring Blind Sam: One Last Run, Bob Suber: Exile/Fear, Russ Smith: The Floating System, The Shop Coolies: Jitney, Pink Negros: Sex Bomb

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