Nearly Out of Print Titles

Wah Hey/No Sure Bet
Cat#: AA-012
Year: 1984
Price: $20.
Neo-rockabilly-meets-garage sound by one of Boston's hardest working bands. Easily THE local summer hit of '84 with "Wah Hey!" becoming the catch phrase around town. Features John Hovorka from the 2x4's. This is the original version before they got signed to Big Time. Guitarist Jack Hickey later became a Lyre. Includes Way Cool art sleeve in very limited quantity.

In A Gadda Da Vida/The Smells Fishy Theme and Variations
Cat#: AA-015
Year: 1985
Price: $15.
They're back and at it again with this epic proportion matchbox curiosity. "In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida" has all the elements you'd expect -- the classic opening organ arpeggio, overbearing drum solo, head-y psych-out development, bad trip ending. ALL DONE IN RECORD TIME OF 2:26! Limited edition second pressing of 200 with different B-side that you 've GOT to hear to believe. Unique version NOT reissued on CD.

Wide Eyed Faith/High Stakes
Cat#: AA-018
Year: 1986
Price: $15.
"Wideyed Faith" exemplifies power-pop with anthem-like qualities while "High Stakes" mixes shades of reggae with some spunky horn writing and a funky beat. "Nicely produced, likeable Pop Rock." - The Beat

Shoot That Girl
Cat#: AA-019
Year: 1986
Price: $20.
This 4-song 7-inch EP proves the spirit of the Sixties is still alive and kickin'. Led by Kenne Highland, this foursome digs deep into the roots of garage rock, psychedelia, and surf. Includes souped-up version of The Detroit Wheels "Linda Sue Dixon" and guest appearance by Willie Loco. Only a couple left.

Shoot That Girl, Linda Sue Dixon,Too Tired, Do The Doug

Red Clouds/Bo Tree
Cat#: AA-025
Year: 1989
Price: $15.
"Red Clouds" is a transcendental listening experience co-written by Mission of Burma's Clint Conley. "The Bo Tree" portrays more soul searching sentiment with dramatic crescendos and dynamics. Pre-Kustomized.

Pussy Minstrel Show/Are You A Boy...Or Are You A Girl
Cat#: AA-029
Year: 1990
Price: $15.
"PMS" is a nasty punker that will surely insult your girlfriend. Music that proves the spirit of the New York Dolls still proliferates. B/w a spunky remake of the Barbarians' classic sung from an ambiguous point of view. On red vinyl. Includes Steve (Nervous Eater/Saint Steven) Cataldo on lethal lead guitar. Already this 45 is fetching serious money!

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