R E U N I O N '96

Back in the mid '60s, there were an abundance of teen bands in northern Iowa. Like the majority of teen bands in the US at the time, many of them played the occasional high school dance or party. In the Spirit Lake area, bands would often appear at the Roof Garden Ballroom. Some of them got a chance to record, and in this region, more often than not, that would lead them to the IGL recording studios in Spirit Lake, IA.

DEE JAY AND THE RUNAWAYS were arguably the biggest band to have come out of Iowa during the 1960s. Their 45, "Peter Rabbit," released in 1966 remains the Hawkeye State's #1 single of all time, selling over 400,000 copies worldwide. It reached #2 in Canada and #1 in Brazil! The Runaways appeared on national TV shows such as "Where The Action Is," "Upbeat," as well as giving concerts across the United States. They were the featured attraction in the reunion show which took place on September 1, 1996.
Dee Jay And The Runaways 32.6 Seconds, 235K
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