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Ragtime Jack
Originally a member of the Electras (from St Paul's School) who also included a bass player who has become very well known for his political career. Ragtime Jack is still out there playing piano and has a cool web site.

We Gotta Go Now
We Gotta Go Now is a book that documents the career of a small local band, the Mojo Hands, from Rhode Island during the mid-'60s.

Msytic Fog
An excellent page with tons of information and links about Garage and Psych music from the '60s (although a few newer bands pop up too). Other stuff like Archaeology, Nasa and Alberta. Also available in French!

Prepare To Enter
The Garage

"A Selection of Garage-Rock Resources on the 'Net" is the subtitle of this page and they aren't kidding! Tons of links to bands (old and new), labels, mailorder, newsgroups and more. You'll spend hours following all the links! This is an updated url!

Psychedelic Guitar Tablature
This site is dedicated to the archiving of psychedelic guitar music from the '60s to the present day. This site contains guitar tablature (transcriptions to paper) of many psych classics. 'Tabs' include Jimi Hendrix's Star Spangled Banner, Electric Prunes, Bubble Puppy, Ultimate Spinach and more with many cool bands slated. Really good link page with links to some mandatory psych sites.

Maxfield Multimedia!
Homepage of LPs/CDs by Patron Saints, Eric Bergman and Middleborough, MA's other label, Americn Sound Records. Lots of information about the Patron Saints (the band) and Eric Bergman (of Patron Saints).

13th Floor Elevators
This page is devoted to one of (if not the) best psych bands ever to grace the earth (or Mars in Roky's case).

Record Connection
Cool record store in Ephrata, PA that carries lots of Arf! Arf! stuff. Right on, Andy!!

A community cable/internet station and that airs a garage show Saturday 10PM to midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on the air and over the internet with a live stream.

Pat Garrett
Web site for Pat (Farrell) Garrett who is still quite active in music today.
American Song-Poem Music Archives
This site is run by Phil Milstein, who has been involved in hundreds of interesting projects over the years. On these pages, he collects information about Song-Poems and the "set your poem to music" phenomenon that has attracted the attention of collectors of strange music.

Awful Music
Just like you would expect from the title. A one page spotlight on some awful (or incredibly strange if you prefer) album. Includes a decent size image of the album and a few sound clips. Changes occasionally.

A very well designed site which covers the world of Exotica. Reviews, records/CDs for sale and a self described "attempt to define exotica." Imaginative layout, a rating system and some sound files make this one a must see!

Read about the new developments from this long running zine. They published two issues devoted to Incredibly Strange Music that were largely responsible for the current interest in the genre.

The Theremin Page
Anyone who has paid the slightest amount of attention to some of the weird sounds emanating from various Arf Arf releases in the past 15 years will know that the Theremin (only after the Sonica) is the preferred method of expression. If you missed The Theremin Movie, then don't miss this page! Includes lots of info on the instrument, lists of recordings featuring Theremins, links, photos and sounds!

Cool And Strange Magazine
Online version of a realatively new zine totally devoted to the coolest and strangest sounds around! Lots of info and cool photos you can DOWNLOAD for fun and relaxation. SOUND PAGE coming soon so you can listen to snippets of some of the COOLEST and definitely the STRANGEST songs you've ever heard.

Other Related Links
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic might be the world's hardest rocking chamber music quartet. Their music is a unique mix of classical, rock, minimalism, jazz and free-form improvisational sounds. This eclectic aesthetic has a broad audience appeal. A typical Birdsongs' audience reflects this: ages range from 8 to 80; music preferences are as different as rock and classical.

Birdsongs Fan Page
Another page devoted to Birdsongs. This one written from a fan's perspective. Includes news, articles, links to band pages, discogrpahy and more!

Twombly Publishing
Publisher of Horses and People Matching, a book about becoming a better rider without effort, stress or guilt.

Cosmik Debris E-Zine
Excellent E-Zine that comes online every month with interviews, reviews and columns and more. Good music link page and political side-bar. In the June issue you can read about: Surfer's Paradise, Mike Keneally (Zappa, Z, Beer For Dolphins), Susan & the Surf-Tones, Dole and Clinton, care and maintenance of your turntable, recording studio tips and reviews of nearly 50 records and CDs.

Cuneiform Records
"The most idiosyncratic and (dare I say it) progressive record label in the country"-Boston Rock. With a catalog of almost 100 releases in print, their releases cover the boundries of rock, jazz, new music, minimalism, RIO, electronic music, progressive rock and more. Cuneiform is home to Birdsongs of the Mesozoic.

The KFJC Edge of Obscurity Music Database
Radio staion KFJC has put together a HUGE review list of the exceptionally wide variety of music that they play on their station. If you need to know more about a title that you've just heard of, check this site out!

The Museum of Bad Art
The Museum of Bad Art is a community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory. The pieces in the MOBA collection range from the work of talented artists that have gone awry, to works of exuberant, although crude, execution by artists barely in control of the brush.

Starting Point
Another search enigine, right? Not quite. From this site, you can enter keywords, and then search any or all of the following sites for matches to your query: SavvySearch, excite, InfoSeek, WebCrawler, Lycos, W3 Catalog, AliWeb, DejaNews, MetaCrawler, Alta Vista, Yahoo, Inktomi, Open Text, Archie, URLsearch, Netfind. A real time saver...

Reciprocal Links
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