2-CD Career Retrospective Sampler
Cat#: AA-105/106 Year: 2014 Price: $6.

Boston-based Erik Lindgren is best-known for his crossover chamber/new music instrumental quartet Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, owner of the Arf Arf label specializing in quality reissues of ’60s Garage/Psychedelic rock and Outsider music, plus the force behind his avant-garde studio moniker Space Negros.

Yin Yang A-Go-Go [1972–2005] presents a glimpse into his diverse (if not certifiably psychotic) career as a prolific composer and producer. Here, Lindgren has hand-picked 50 genre-smashing personal highlights culled from his work with Birdsongs, jingles, Musique Concrete, New/No Wave, contemporary Classical compositions, corporate video soundtracks, Garage/Psychedelic/Punk/Power Pop, Space Negros, Techno and more. Be prepared for a whirlwind audio ride of eclecticism-to-the-max that is not for the faint of heart!

This budget-priced 2-CD sampler is an excellent way to get familiar with Lindgren’s unique musical vision spanning 360 Degrees of extreme musical aesthetics. YYAGG comes with an informative 16-page booklet packed with photos, liner notes, and references his three-dozen solo, ensemble, and commerce-driven CD releases.

CD One Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-Coco Boudakian [1989], Jack Mudurian & the Go Go Gorillas-3 Blind Mice [1994]* WBZ-Newsline [1981] Erik Lindgren-Scenes From The Nemasket River [1994] Space Negros-Public Service Announcement [1980] Space Negros-The Best Things In Life Are Free [1983] Thee Wylde Mainiacs-Why Ain’t Love Fair [1967] Birdsongs of the Mesozoic with Oral Moses- Listen To The Angels Shoutin’ [2002–2005] Museum Of Scientific Discovery-Mission Control [1981], Space Negros-Man To Man [1978], Space Negros-Too Much Talk [1989] Sharp Features-Latinole [1983], TNT-Pedestal [1975] New England Aquarium-Wheels In Motion [1982], Route 28-Another Cape Cod Summer [This Year] [1981] Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-Lost In The B-Zone [1985], Jordan Marsh-The Enchanted Village [1990], Erik Lindgren-Funny How You Treated My Friend [1974–1975], Space Negros-Untitled [1978], Basketball Hall Of Fame-Hall Of Fame [1985], Space Negros-Robot [1984], Lauri des Marais & Erik Lindgren-Funnelvision [1999], Erik Lindgren-Bagatelle #2 [1972], Erik Lindgren-Summer [1977], Pink Negros-Sex Bomb [1983] David Greenberger & Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-No Firebugs and a Prayer [1998] CD TwoWillie Alexander-In The Pink [1988], Frankenstein Consort-Frankenstein [2002], Waltham Camera & Stereo-#2 [1982], Space Negros-Happenings Ten Years Time Ago (Revisited) [1980–1984] , Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-Ptoccata [1983], Erik Lindgren-Curtain Call [1990], Go Go Gorillas-Antidisestablishmentarianism [1991], Erik Lindgren-Psychedelic Music For String Quartet #I [1978], Space Negros-MDMDM [1976–1977], Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-The Iridium Controversy/After [2005], Space Negros-Talk Talk [1975], Erik Lindgren-Reconsider Me [1982], Family Fun-The Country Club Combo [1981], Space Negros-We Will Fall [1981–1985], Frankenstein Consort with Capt. Angela Masson-Flyte [2003]*, Moving Parts-1984 [1978], Birdsongs of the Mesozoic-Dancing On A’A [1985], Erik Lindgren-Dawn [1985], Erik Lindgren-888 [1988]*, Demons Of Negativity-Resurrection [1986], Erik Lindgren-A Special Personalized Christmas Greeting For You From All The Retailers In America [1990], Christmas Tree Shops-Don’t You Just Love A Bargain [1999] Space Negros-Iron Man [1986–1987], Spectrum-Theme [1981]

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