Into Outer Space

Maybe There Will Be Mountains And Trees. We Don't Know What We Will Find.
Cat#: AA-037 Year: 1992 Price: $14.
Originally Released in 1969 on the Gulfstream label, this truly eccentric album can only be described as free-spirited bebop stuck in Interstellar Overdrive. Any fans of the Shaggs, Sun Ra, and the Legendary Stardust Cowboy will surely be attracted to this glorious joyously uncoordinated collection of paralyzing songs. RE/SEARCH recommended.

Moontown, Walking On The Moon, Flip Flop Fly, Dear Me, You And Your Big Ideas, What To Do Is The Question, Hap-Hap-Happy Heart,Indian Alphabet Chant (a-i-iddy-i-o-o-o), Why? Because I Want To, In Love In Love, I've Got A Song, Blue Wind, In The Year 2000!!!
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Walking on the Moon
17 Seconds
You and Your Big Ideas
15.5 Seconds

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