55 Studio Tracks By 30 Midwest '60s Groups
Cat#: AA-047/48 Year: 1994Price: $18.
Incredible 2-CD historical document from the mastertapes that includes 55 studio tracks by 30 Midwest bands who participated in IGL's first Battle of the Bands in 1966. This never-before heard body of work includes unreleased tracks by the Pilgrims, 2+2's, Continental Coets, Vultures, Torres, Us, Skavengers, Epicureans, Dentairs, etc. Comes with extensive booklet and graphics.

CD #1: Pilgrims: Suzi Q, Pilgrims: Little Latin Lupe Lu, ?: Time Is Going On, ?: You Said Goodbye, 2+2s: I'm Mad, Continental Co-ets: Let's Live For The Present, Continental Co-ets: Ebb Tide, Vultures: Mary Lou, Vultures: That's Why, Torres: Play Your Games, Torres: Don't You Know, Us: Mona, Us: Heart Of Stone, Us: The Last Time, Coachmen: I've Been Looking, Coachmen: That Boy, Coachmen: I Fought The Law, Scavengers: Always Traveling Around, , Scavengers: Wandering Kind, ?: I Want It Now, ?: Good Lovin', ?: In The Land Of Odin, ?: You Make Me Feel So Good, Epicureans: Pain Is Evil, Epicureans: Baby Be Mine, ?: Pretty Girls, ?: There Are Reasons, ?: Instrumental, ?: GloriaCD #2: ?: Baby What's Wrong, ?: Midnight Hour, Activators: Johnny B. Goode, Activators: Stormy Monday, ?: Out of Sight, 2+2s: 12 Bar Blues, ?: Don't You Believe Them, ?: Can't You Believe What Love Can Be, , ?: Love Potion #9, ?: Walkin' The Dog, ?: Genevieve, ?: Baby, You're Gone, ?: Summertime, Serf Finks: Surfin' USA, ?: Proabably Better That Way, ?: Dum Diddley Dum Daddy, ?: Our Love Is True, ?: I'll Never Be The Same, Bird Dogs: Unchain My Heart, Bird Dogs: Shoppin' Around, ?: My Babe, ?: Get Back Baby, Dentairs: I Feel Good, Detairs: Stormy Monday, Marlys Roe & The Talismen: My Guy, Marlys Roe & The Talismen: Rescue Me,

All songs previously unreleased
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Continental Coets: Let's Live For The Present
14.5 Seconds
Scavengers: Always Traveling Around
13.5 Seconds

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