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Hide The Aardvarks!!

Cat#: AA-053/54 Year: 1996 Price: $18.
Take a bona fide '60s New England legend (Psychopaths "Till The Stroke Of Dawn"), add seasoned studio cats, inflict a severe case of lyrical weirdness, aardvarks, and quality songwriting in the league of Lucia Pamela and the Shaggs. Yikes! This 2-CD compilation, which includes his limited edition LP, 8-track (!), both 45s and extra unreleased material is about as contorted and convoluted as homegrown music gets. All neatly packaged in a 24 page booklet which explains what the hell is going on. Definitely one for the Re/Search-a-holics!!!

Disc #1:, Till The Stroke Of Dawn, Move A Your Caboose, Ha-di Ha Ha Ha, San Francisco Francisco, Buckets Of Water, Fancy Woman (long version), There Is No Woman For This Broken Man (piano version), Raw Power, The Solution To My Equation (long version), When your Name Is Jalapos Pakedos, I Know What I Want, All I Really Know Is You Got Soul, Come On, Come On, Simply For The Asking, Just The Right State Of Mind, Write It on My Epitaph, Driving To New York At NightDisc #2 : Life Is..., The Solution to My Equation (short version), Find Something Better To Do, There Is No Woman For This Broken Man (guitar version), Alan Berkowitz, Eliot Ness, Whitey White, Roller Coaster Baby, Yer Garbage Man, Basketball Or You To Call, Trying To Get A Suntan, Pretty Little Streaker, Bus Driver Blues, Anyway There Ain't No Telephones In The Zoo, I Ain't Noted For That, Colder Than A Boulder, Tom Donnelly, Fancy Woman (short version), Till The Stroke Of Dawn (Psychopaths 45), See The Girl (Psychopaths 45)
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Till The Stroke Of Dawn
14 Seconds
Alan Berkowitz
9 Seconds
Eliot Ness
10 Seconds

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