Dig Archaeology Volume 3

Integrate With Select Cosmic Beings

Cat#: AA-535 Year: 1995 Price: $14.
A historical overview documenting 19 thrilling collaborations that shake up, wake up, and break up tradition. Excess and eccentricities abound giving yet one more glimpse into the Space Negros' unique musical vision. Remember when alternative meant alternative?

Arrive/Depart (featuring Mark Diamond), Booze Thang Meets The Wired Chain Gals (featuring Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic), Vigor The Ice Man (featuring Jens), Uganda 1980 (featuring a 1954 location recording), Family Fun:, Games, Alien Baby, Please Don't Go, The Country Club Combo, Willie Loco Alexander:, Cherry Pie, Love Sick Dog, That Was The Thing, Diversions (featuring Poetry & Motion), Raindrop (featuring Dave Boyer), Exile/Fear (featuring Bob Suber), The Floating System (featuring Russ Smith), The Lone Ranger & Tonto (featuring Danny Mydlack), Redman's Wave (featuring Boby Bear), The Smells Fishy Theme & Variations [Revised], (excerpt featuring The Amazing Boby Bear), EZ Listening Music (Family Fun)
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Vigor The Ice Man
14 Seconds
The Floating System
15 Seconds

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