Space Amazon

Scintillating 1974 Glam Shock Rock On Overdrive!
Cat#: AA-064 Year: 1997 Price: $14.
You already know what happened to Pandora herself when she opened the box, but it won't prepare you for the "Daze of Madness" that will follow when you experience this hypodermic needle prick of New York glamshock from '74. The quasi-mystical imagery, crunching metallic guitars and forthright rhythms of this baby could send a few Spiders back to Mars! Or some overhyped Dolls from the Big Apple back to the cabbage patch. Read this review

Space Amazon, Daze Of Madness, Country Boy, Only Seventeen, Crack Your Skull Hot Rocker, You're My Woman, King Queen, Don't Pity Me, Leather Boys
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Space Amazon
9.2 Seconds
Daze Of Madness
4.2 Seconds
Crack Your Skull
8.2 Seconds
King Queen
14.2 Seconds
Don't Pity Me
8 Seconds

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