Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzz - Volume 2

More Of The High Art Of The Groovy '60s Psychedelic Instrumental
Cat#: AA-085 Year: 2000 Price: $12.
In this collection of 28 boss '60s instrumentals, you'll experience mynd-expanding sonic textures, mellifluous lines, and day glow sonic creativity. Lying aesthetically somewhere in the orbit between "Telstar" and the "Third Stone From The Sun," these vintage musical sagas will prove that the world ain't square nor our universe flat.

Mercy-Fire Ball, Cords-Ghost Power, Buff Organization-Upside Down World, Lost Ones-Trouble In The Streets, Chancellors-5 Minus 3, Cobblestones-Down With It, Peter Pan & The Good Fairies-Kaleidoscope, Electrified People-One Thousand Dimension In Blue, Bobby Arlin-Mushroom Machine [Part 2], Looking Glasses-Miganda Bus, Jimmy Gordon-Test Pattern, Michael John & The Pendulums-You're Wrong Girl, Scotland Yardleys-Some Guys Have It [Some Guys Never Will] Gates Of Eden-Elegy, Hal Blaine-Wiggly [45 mix], Inner Lite-Tabula Rasa, Electric Tomorrow-Electric Tomorrow, Rock Revival-Down In The South, Rock Revival-Motorcycle Meredith, Rock Revival-Hot Boogie Gone Cold, Pump-Pappy's Rug [Alternate mix], Crazy Elephant-Dark Part Of My Mind, Blizzard-Health, Demons Of Negativity-Resurrection [instrumental mix], Vessel-Beginning Of The End, Family Souls-Cyke, Projection Company-Kimeaa, Bonus Mystery Track
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Mercy: Fireball
22 Seconds
Buff Organization: Upside Down World
32.7 Seconds
Bobby Arlin: Mushroom Machine
29.2 Seconds
Gates Of Eden: Elegy
36.8 Seconds
Pump: Pappy's Rug
29 Seconds

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