20-Year Anniversary 1981-2001
Cat#: AACC-089/090 Year: 2001 Price: $8.
Dogs don't live to bark 20 years, but record labels do--and the Massachusetts mongrels at Arf! Arf! now have 20 candles burning on their birthday cake. You don't get to blow 'em out, but you can join in on the celebration with this bargain 50-song extravaganza that touches on pieces of the label's history.

Actually, this sampler is more of a parallel universe, as it serves up alternates, demos and outtakes from artists whose works have been emblazoned with the twin Arf! Arf! dogs, the twin birds of its budget line Cheep! Cheep! subsidiary, or the dignified font of its new music spin-off, sƒz. It is not, however, the bottom of the barrel; it's simply the stuff that, for one reason or another, didn't quite make it onto one of the imprint's many fine releases. But it had to come out eventually, and since the label's a year away from the legal drinking age, what else was it gonna toast with?

Whatever your choice of musical beverage, you will certainly get your fill on these two CDs. For less than the price of two beers in a bar (or a couple sodas if you're driving), you get two 78-minute discs crammed with the type of stuff that's had Arf! Arf! fans growling for years, whether the garage antics of the Litter and the Rising Storm, the psychedelic visions of Lazy Smoke and the Flat Earth Society, or the sheer strangeness of the Space Negros and Lucia Pamela.

Maybe an old mutt can't learn new tricks, but the brains behind Arf! Arf! don't need to. As the breadth of musical styles encompassed on this sampler prove, these people know plenty of tricks already. Kick out the dogs, motherfucker!

DISK ONE: New Breed-Wasting My Time, Lost-Everybody Knows, Bourbons-Alyshia, Rising Storm-Baby Please Don't Go, Rich Weinberg-Pandora Wants Strange, Four Commandments-Can You Get Me Out Of This Place, Dry Ice-Mary Is Alone, Lazy Smoke-You Gave Me Light, The Lost-More Incidental Music, Flat Earth-Society Satori, Litter-Action Woman, Litter-Tallyman, Those Of Us-Without You, Steve Ellis And The Starfires-Pride Of A Man, Dee Jay & The Runaways-Instrumental, Chuck Barr & The Playboys-Espaniel, Yankee Rebels-I Can't Take It, Traditions-My Life With You, Pat Farrell-Mojo Workout, Flowerz-I Need Love Now (Instrumental), Six Feet Under-In Retrospect, Fredric-Country, White Lightning-Freedom, Legends-Rock And Roll Woman, TNT-Please Let Me Into Your Secrets, Pandora-King Queen, Moving Parts-House Flaming DISK TWO: Electras-Soul Searchin', Lovin' Sandwich-No No No, Apollo's Apaches-(Boss) Be Good To Me, Males-Kiddie A Go Go, Black Diamonds-Let's All Mix Together, Morgan-Of Dreams, Dragonfly-Enjoy Yourself, 31 Flavors-Distortions Of Darkness, Id-The Rake, Soundz-Freakout (Part One), Space Negros-In A Gadda Da Vida, Space Negros-Happenings Ten Years Time Ago, Space Negros-Crossfire/Tea For Two Cha Cha Cha, Space Negros-We Will Fall, Erik Lindgren-It Looks You in The Eye, The Beagles-Deep In The Heart Of Texas, High Voltage-Fancy Woman, Lucia Pamela-In The Year 2001!, Jack Mudurian Sings, Ken Field-Insanity, Erik Lindgren-Changes, Erik Lindgren-Action Man, Erik Lindgren-Waltham Camera And Stereo #1 (1982)

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