100% Pure Incredibly Strange Music
Cat#: AA-092 Year: 2003 Price: $14.
Aficionados of Outsider Music be forewarned! After 8 years of research, Arf! Arf! finally unleashes Volume 2 which contains 29 perplexing red, white, & blue tracks (over 79 mnutes) mostly culled from the ’60s and early ’70s. Unlike novelty music, Only in America focuses on material that leaves the listener bewildered and in utter disbelief. Huh? Read all about what’s going on behind the scenes in the informative 24-page booklet with illustrations by Wayno.

James “Rebel” O’Leary - Rebel Star, Tangela Tricoli - Stinky Poodle, Miriam - In 1967, Nora Guthrie - Emily’s Illness, The Msr Singers - I’m Just The Other Woman, William Howard Arpaia - Listen, Mr. Hat, Harry Burgess - Chicago Policeman, Phil Phillips - The Evil Dope, ? - McDonalds Funeral Home, Earl Coleman - Hippy Heaven, Roger Bailey - Did She Break Your Heart, Rodd Keith - The Green Bug, James “Rebel” O’leary - South Bound, Buddy Max - Cheese Eating Flea Market Cowboy, The World (We Wish) - Laughter Part, The Electric Lollipop - Lightning Bug The Langley Schools Music Project - Little Deuce Coupe, Melvin Kaiser - Heap ’Lil Injun, Uge - Mad Charles, Monocles - The Spider and The Fly, Lou Berrington & The African Kamp - The Kwella Stroll, Sacramento City College Stage Band - LSD ’67, Georgie Leonard - Ernie The Narc, Lost Dimension - Purple Haze, Lucky Charms - Wipe Out, Ed “Moose” Savage - Gut, Jim Fassett - Symphony Of The Birds-Second Movement (Buffo), Don Wescott - Shimmering Glimmering Tube, The Decibels - Star Spangled Banner
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Real Audio Logo James “Rebel” O’Leary: Rebel Star
59.7 Seconds
The MSR Singers: I’m Just The Other Woman
49.5 Seconds
Harry Burgess: Chicago Policeman
43.2 Seconds
Roger Bailey: Did She Break Your Heart
55 Seconds
The World (We Wish): Laughter Part 1
36.7 Seconds
Jim Fassett: Symphony Of The Birds-Second Movement (Buffo)
1:09.7 Seconds

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