29 Garage Rock Tales Of Woe and Despair from the Sixties
Cat#: AACC-098 Year: 2004 Price: $12.
Here we present the sonic truth about bleeding hearts and broken relationships. These 29 ultra obscure tales of woe and despair show how gifted songsmiths all across America expressed their longing, loneliness, and depression. Sigh Cry Die.

Fans of the 1999 compilation No No No (AACC-076) will be ecstatic to hear more elusive moody, sombre, and tragic ’60s garage classics.

Kings Ransom: Without You, Nomads: How Many Times, Strange Fate: Love Is Like, Illusions: Her Own Way, Romans: I’ll Find a Way, Bittersweets: She Treats Me Bad, Changing Tymes: She Laughed at Me, Evil “I”: Can’t Live Without You, Limits: Free As the Wind, Fyrebirds: I’m So Lonely, Plagues: To Wander, Gents: I’ll Cry, Non-Pareils: Willow Tree, Mere Existence: Now, Beach-Niks: Last Night I Cried Morticians: With Another Guy, Excels: It Isn’t So, What-Nots: Nobody Else But You, Joey Tedeschi And The Idols: True Luv Gone Astray, Zephyrs: Take Her Back, Saints: Please Don’t Leave Me, Chayns: Run and Hide, Fenwyck: I Wanna Die, Secrets: Cryin’ Over Her, Blue Condition: Once There Was a Girl, Pastels: ’Cause I Love You, Four Rogues: I’ll Be Glad, Four Speeds: Why Did You Leave Me, The Stairway To The Stars: Cry
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Real Audio Logo Kings Ransom: Without You
57 Seconds
Nomads: How Many Times
38 Seconds
Strange Fate: Love Is Like
1:04 Seconds
Illusions: Her Own Way
1:13 Seconds Evil “I”: Can’t live Without You
1:16 Seconds

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