Xmas Comes But Once A Year...We Wish You A Lousy Xmas...
Cat#: Aware One Year: 1990 Price: $14.
Sacreligious, sardonic, and sinister collection featuring the Space Negros, Magic Mose And His Royal Rockers, The Jethros and Erik Lindgren. 72 minutes of anti-holiday cheer guaranteed to give Santa the Boot! Includes all your Ho Ho Hum Drum favorites such as "Jingle Hell," "Silent Fright," "Frosty The Snow Plow," "Little Bummer Boy" and more. For mature audiences only!

THE SPACE NEGROS: Jingle Hell, We Wish You A Lousy Xmas, Deck The Halls (With Poison Sumac), Silent Fright, MAGIC MOSE AND HIS ROYAL ROCKERS (FEATURING 'BLIND SAM'): Have Yourselves a Groovy Little Solstice, I'm Dreaming Of A Noir Xmas, THE JETHROS: Frosty The Snow Plow, Walking Through A Winter Blunderland, We Wished You A Merry Xmas, Silent Night, O Wooly Town Of Buffalehem, Merry F*cking Xmas, Let It Snow $3, O Come All Ye Faithful, I'm Dreaming Of A Wide Xmas, Wreck The Halls, Little Bummer Boy, Slivered Bells, We Be Kings, The Last Noel, Have A Holly Golly Xmas, Slay Ride, I'll Be Gnome For Xmas, ERIK LINDGREN: A Special Personalized Christmas Greeting To You From All The Retailers Of America, Ho Ho Ho
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The Space Negros: Jingle Hell
14.3 Seconds
The Jethros: Frosty The Snow Plow
13.2 Seconds
The Jethros: We Wish You A Merry Xmas
8.2 Seconds

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