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Bad Vibrations
The Night Rockers

spaced Greetings ’60s collectors,
Here’s the Bad Vibrations list stoked with tons of delectable and groovy discs guaranteed to please all. Along with the usual massive amount of ’60s Garage/Psych 7-inchers, be sure to comb through the Exotica, Surf, Boettcher/Usher/Flower Pop, Major Artists, Soul, IGL/Sonic sections plus quality one-of-a-kind LPs and CDs.

As usual, everything is SET SALE. For best fill: call, fax, or email ASAP to reserve. If you’d like to hear something, let me know and I can play it over the phone. Your satisfaction always guaranteed. Trades considered for similar artifacts—whatcha got?

Happy Hunting,
Erik Lindgren

Bad Vibrations, PO Box 465, Middleborough, MA 02346 USA
Phone/Fax: (508) 947-7387  |  erik@arfarfrecords.com