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Knowbody Else: Soldiers of Pure Peace

Unreleased pre-Black Oak Arkansas Psychedelic Masterpiece from 1967

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Soldiers of Pure Peace

Soldiers of Pure Peace (AA-102)

Hailing from the northeast corner of Arkansas, Knowbody Else was a groundbreaking musical force during the Summer of Love who were caught up in the post-Sgt Pepper / Byrds-ian day-glow era. What they created at Ardent Studio in 1967 with legendary Memphis producer Jim Dickinson is nothing short of a truly brilliant psychedelic masterpiece influenced by “the times they are a changin’.”

How these ten unreleased original songs have remained unknown and unheard for 45 years is both a mystery and a crime. Arf! Arf! has worked closely with the Dickinson estate for this authorized release taken directly from the original mastertapes. The music comes wrapped in a luscious, 24-page booklet chock full of photos, memorabilia, and insightful notes by noted artist Glennray Tutor, who witnessed their magic back in the day.

In 1969, the band cut a rootsy LP for Stax before morphing into BLACK OAK ARKANSAS and going on to achieve huge AOR success for their raunchy and rambunctious Southern Rock. This astonishing body of early work contained in this historical release of Soldiers of Pure Peace will finally set the record straight on how they were once frighteningly innovative and experimental artists, and properly document their prophetic sense of musical and poetic genius for all to experience.

Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!

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Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!

Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music! (AA-101)

This 30-track sampler features one representational boss track from each one of the 30 most recent Arf! Arf! CD releases. On it you’ll hear exceptional ’60s Garage and Psychedelic Rock, Outsider Music, plus Radically Fresh Soundz—the genres which comprise the musical focus of Arf! Arf! This budget-priced collection is a must for anyone who wants to check out an overview of the archival label and is a companion disc to the previously released The Arf! Arf! Blitzkreig 32-Track Sampler and The Arf! Arf! [El Cheapo] 2-CD Sampler.

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