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Lightning (AA-100)

Out Now!!

Continuing with our Twin Cities retrospective of the Litter and their related bands, we’re happy to announce our second release by Lightning featuring guitar wizard Tom “Zippy” Caplan circa 1968–’71. After recording the Litter’s 1966 garage classic Distortions and 1968 psych masterpiece $100 Fine, Caplan split and formed Lightning. Their vinyl output included one fierce single as a trio plus an album for P.I.P as a quintet, both of which are included on this new retrospective plus unreleased bonus material. Fans of Blue Cheer, Cream, Hendrix, and Arf Arf’s four psychedelic Dose comps will really dig this new disc.

We’re also excited about signing on with Allegro/Nail distribution in Portland, Oregon who have been doing a superlative job spreading the gospel according to Arf Arf.

Check out our recently updated mailorder section that includes lots of tough-to-find CD releases of other way-cool non-Arf Arf ’60s CD releases.

Stay tuned for our next batch which will include a revamped Scotty Story which has been out of print for far too long (featuring music by the mighty Electras plus eight previously unissued Warren Kendrick productions). Also watch for the forthcoming Freeborne-Peak Impressions package plus a new Arf Arf Sampler.

Still Hot!

Finally unleashed is our new Victors package with 31 whopping tracks (21 previously unreleased) documenting these pre-Litter Twin Cities garage legends. On it is a stunning 7-song demo tape, 5 spirited covers from a 1966 rehearsal, 8 relics from their beginnings as a surf-styled band, an acetate of their pre-Shadows of Knight raw romp through Gloria (or “G-L-O-O-R-A” as they erroneously spelled it!), plus the 5 British Invasion monsters and 3 Scotsmen cuts (including “Beer Bust Blues”) that previously made their way onto our Scotty Story comp.

After five years of research, we’ve finally unleashed the Five Emprees-Little Miss Sad retrospective that exposes the musical legacy of this legendary Michigan mid-’60s combo who scored a bone fide 1965 chart hit. We’ve also compiled two more yin/yang collections of ultra obscure ’60s singles: Party Party Party exposes more way cool wild garagers while Sigh Cry Die focuses on bleeding hearts and broken relationships. And Outsider Music aficionados will absolutely jump with joy after discovering our Tangela Tricoli-Jet Lady package!

We also have the Flat Earth Society/Lost-Waleeco/Space Kids CD back in stock with an expanded 28 page booklet.