The Well-Tempered Music Library
Frequently asked Questions
Q What makes The Well-Tempered Music Library unique?
A Unlike most music libraries, the WTML consists of proven commercial music. We've worked a deal with one of Boston's most enigmatic and eclectic composers, Erik Lindgren, and made his personal tape vault available for all to use at a price anyone can afford.

Q How can you sell the WTML so cheap?
A Since the music was originally created as custom scores for Lindgren's clients, all of the initial expenses including musicians fees and studio costs have been recouped. Thus we can sell each CD for less than some libraries charge for licensing one cut!

Q Am I getting a bunch of sterile MIDI tracks?
A On the contrary! You'll be amazed by the first-rate compositions, colorful arrangements (including a large percentage of acoustic instruments), and diversity of production value. In addition, there's everything from chamber music to catchy jingle beds to creative synth beds to solo piano escapades to short stingers.

Q Is the WTML primarily designed for industrial or broadcast usage?
A Both, and much more! It's the perfect resource for any corporate A/V department, network or cable TV station, independent filmaker, video production house, recording studio, ad agency, multimedia mavens, or even the amateur who wants to spice up some of his old "home movies."

Q Can I resell the music to clients?
A Absolutely! Our "Exclusive No Mess, No Fuss" policy states that if you legally own the WTML, it's yours to do whatever you want with it. We expect you'll make back your investment on your first project!

Q Can I use these Audio CDs for Multimedia presentations on my computer?
A Yes you can. As long as you have a CD-Rom drive that will play audio CDs and your computer can handle sound file formats. You may need a sound utility program to translate the raw sound file to a format that your multimedia software can use.

Q I like this concept! Will there be future volumes?
A You bet! We'll keep you posted...

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