427 proven tracks on 7 full-length
compact discs each over 77 minutes!

Since 1978, Erik Lindgren has created countless custom scores for hundreds of commercial and corporate clients. The Well-Tempered Music Library recycles 427 of his "Greatest Hits" on 7 CDs for the outrageously low buyout price of $299.00. Best of all, if you legally own any volume of The Well-Tempered Music Library, then you are free to use any recording contained therein for any purpose inperpetuity with no additional fee, no residuals, and no mechanical royalties. PERIOD!

This collection covers all the musical styles you'll ever need! All for the unbelievably low buy-out price of $60.00 per compact disc.* Or you can purchase all 7 volumes for $299.00.* You can even check out a few samples right now. But if you would like a more in-depth overview, send $30.00* for the WTML-Volume 7, our free-to-use "demo disc," which contains 85 Alternate Mixes/Versions from our first six CD's.
* plus shipping.

The Well-Tempered Music Library consists of 7 CD's:
Commercial Music Volume 1 (WTML-001)
70 Selections-78:09
Classical Music Volume 2 (WTML-002)
63 Selections-77:46
Character Music Volume 3 (WTML-003)
58 Selections-78:00
Human Tech #1 Volume 4 (WTML-004)
57 Selections-77:20
Human Tech #2 Volume 5 (WTML-005)
76 Selections-78:13
Extended Beds Volume 6 (WTML-006)
18 Selections-78:14
Alternate Mixes/Versions (from Volumes 1 through 6) Volume 7 (WTML-007)
85 Selections-78:08

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